Abroadland photos are mainly about nature and landscapes  – snowy mountains, fresh waters, lush forests... The true natural beauty around us!

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Q & A Questions and answers

What is the process of the physical products?


- creates the images for prints
- composes the images to the chosen products of Printful
- adds the product info to Abroadland's website (powered by Shopify)


The customer
makes an order on the Abroaland's website.


- prints the images on the products in their nearest facility of where the order was made from.
- packs and ships the ordered products to the customer

The customer
receives the order and can start using the products.

What is print-on-demand and why Abroadland uses it?

Print on Demand (POD) is a fulfillment process that creates and sends products to customers only after an order has been made.

This means that there is no need for stock and storage and there won't be surplus of products. Print-on-demand let's to avoid the overproduction that is widespread in the rest of the industry and causes lots of waste.

You can read more about Printful's print-on-demand services here.

In addition to this, using print-on-demand service Printful allows Abroadland to print even single, personalized products and to concentrate what Abroadland does best: concept and visual design.

How was Abroadland born?

When you move abroad you start living between countries and cultures - in Abroadland.

When Helena's (the designer/founder) had moved from Finland to Australia, as a new mother and foreigner she ended up to various curious and often amusing situations. The life abroad was full of exciting things but it was 'not all roses'.

To process everything, Helena started to draw cartoons on the daily happenings abroad, and they formed a book called 'Greetings from Abroadland – Experiences of Family Life Abroad.'

In Australia, Helena started to create textile prints about nature, and after moving to Switzerland, she found herself drawing language-learning cartoons called 'German for Mummies'.

Abroadland became a mix of these and other experiences and expanded to offer creative services and printed products. And here it is now, always evolving.