Abroadland is about wanderlust, family and curiosity. Looking around with awe while building a home within.

This is reflected in the unique designs created in Abroadland.


Made with a smile

Abroadland offers visual storytelling on printed products such as stationery, books, posters and textiles.

The main sources of inspiration are nature and humor, and the outcomes are created to highlight the good things around us and to bring joy.

'On your journey don’t forget to turn around and enjoy the view.'


Abroadland appreciates

Joie de vivre - Equality - Empathy - Uniqueness - Curiosity



Hi! I'm Helena, a designer, foreigner, mother and many other.

Originally I'm from Finland and I've lived abroad for over a decade, first in Australia and Singapore and now in Switzerland.

I enjoy creating things that both serve and delight people.

Nature, family, true friendships, creativity, daily encounters, coffee, laughter, photography, music, learning, travel… are some of the things I love. What makes your heart sing?

I'm happy that you are here – welcome to Abroadland!

Photos: Mirta Kess