Take a 6-Minutes-Siesta and recharge

Take a 6-Minutes-Siesta and recharge

Even a short rest can recharge our bodies and minds, helping us to face the second half of the day with better energy and focus.

Most of us are familiar with the concept of siesta – a nap/restful time in the early afternoon,  a common tradition especially in the places of warm climate. The Spanish word siesta derives from the Latin word "hora sexta", sixth hour counting from dawn.

To get some benefits of the afternoon break, you don't have to fall asleep – especially if you worry a nap will leave you feeling drowsy or affect your ability to fall asleep in the evening – instead you can simply just:

  • Find a comfortable place to lie down.

  • Set a timer for six minutes.

  • Close your eyes, and breath calmly until the six minutes is over.

Try it out and join the 6-Minutes-Siesta Club already today!




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